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Thanksgiving is just about my favorite holiday, these days. It's a day of lots of good food and family and being grateful, without the occasional pressure and stress of Christmas (especially around presents). It turns into a long weekend of good food and family and board games, which are the best kind around here.

And I have a lot to be grateful for this year. I'm glad for my Jeff, and our three lovely furrchildren, and the hamster that doesn't like me very much. I'm glad for having Jeff's mom here, that he's going to get to have part of his family around too, and that we've gotten her into a better living situation than she's had in a long while. I'm glad for my sisters and parents and cousin-the-brother. I'm glad for two jobs doing work that I like very very much. I'm damned grateful that I graduated this year. :) I'm glad for future good prospects. I'm glad for the hope I feel about our government's future prospects.

I'm grateful for my friends, both those close by and those too far away. I said it last year - I have so much to be grateful for, and I am, but someone need to invent that transporter. :)
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