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Yesterday was a pretty good day. I finished up a pile of grading, and then I got a haircut in the morning, preparatory to Thanksgiving picture taking. I didn't need much taken off, but it was getting really shaggy - I'm growing out the short cut back to the all one length bob, and it needed more attention than me and a hand mirror and a pair of scissors could manage. They did a fantastic job - I woke up this morning not looking like Einstein (normally, my hair is all over the place), and with a quick combing, I'm ready to go for the day. It's lying nicely and should grow out well. Woot.

I ran the mountain of plastic bags1 that had been riding around in the back of my car by the recycling, and then had more time than I'd expected, since the haircut only took half as much time as normal, so I took myself to Edward McKay for a bit. It was nice to be able to browse by myself for a bit, and I found a cheap copy of a book that I'd gotten a 100 pages into when it had to go back to the library because someone else had requested it. Now I can take as long as I want, and write in it. A copy of Guns, Germs, and Steel came home with me too - another book that I've been wanting to read, but it's going to take me forever to dig through it, and I'm going to want to be able to write notes in it.

I met up with a friend for coffee, and we had a good talk, and then I came home and grabbed the MIL and we went to Goodwill, where I got rid of the box of clothes that had been riding around in the back of my car for a couple of weeks, and purchased2 my first pair of jeans3 in quite literally years - I just got out of the habit of wearing them. They look cute on me, and they say 16 on them. Granted, they're stretch jeans, but... 16! :) (This is smaller than normal.)

I made goulash-like stew and dumplings for dinner and we crashed out early. :) Nice day, it was.

1. I've been on an active campaign to prevent new plastic bags from coming into the house for awhile, and we've developed a solid cloth bag or no bag habit, but we had a ton left from when we weren't so good about it that have been taking up space.

2. Well, the MIL paid for them. Like, took them out of my hands. Very sweet of her.

3. Except for the pair I used to mow the lawn in.
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