joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday was lovely. I spent the morning getting caught up on paperwork and recording grades and such, and then took 70 and 54 into Graham (and was reminded that 70 and 54 might be slower, but they're a hell of a lot prettier than 40) and met up with artisanal_xara and her little one. We had great, cheap Chinese at joe random hole in the wall, and ice cream at the Graham Soda Shop, and bemoaned the weather preventing us from finding a nice park or something to hang out in, and had a lovely, lovely visit. Plans are in the works for more such activities, including a visit to the Natural Science Center. I'm excited.

I took 54 and 70 back home, and got home about the time Hope got to our house. We made spaghetti for dinner, and she helped unload more of Jeff's mom's stuff out of the POD (loving sisters help you move. Really loving sisters help you move your pseudo-MIL's stuff.)

So, yea. Overall, A+ day.

Today has been class (review days for the win), obseving my boss, time on the track at the Y, grading tests, more moving boxes around in an effort to cram more stuff into our house. We need to unload more stuff from the POD, and I need to make dinner, and I think there's going to be early crashing for me.
Tags: ate soup, local road trip, tonya

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