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In honor of Monday's low iron count, I'm trying to consume less caffeine. I'm not cutting it out completely, but I had been consuming my share of the coffeepot in the morning, and a soda in the morning, and caffeinated tea when I got home, and pushing caffeine consumption further into the evening than I should have been... so. It's okay. I had some coffee this morning, and I would maim for a cup of coffee right now (I'm holed up in Caribou, theoretically working, and I'm having steamed milk with a caramel shot instead, very tasty; I could have gotten decaf, but I knew I wanted the caffeine, not the coffee) but I'm not sluggish or any more sleepy than normal, so we'll see.

Attendance was terribly low today. Rain melts away a lot of my students. Wimps. :)

I've been fighting off a bad case of the "don't wannas" lately. Thanksgiving break can get here anytime, please and thank you.

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