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Last night one of my friends from grad school hosted an election… 
5th-Nov-2008 07:16 am
Last night one of my friends from grad school hosted an election party, so we went over there and ate munchie food, and I might have drunk a bit (or a lot) and we talked politics and life and shrieked at the TV. I'd never been to an election night party before, but there is something to be said for sitting around in a room full of more or less like minded friends watching the results come in. (Especially if things are going well for the folks you voted for.)

I'm pleased about the president (though still in disbelief, to be honest. I'm having a hard time making myself believe it really happened) [and my state ended up going for him, by 11246 votes, according to the board of elections web page; take that, the "my vote doesn't matter" people], I'm hugely pleased the Libby Dole got unseated, I'm pleased about governor, I'm pleased about Lt. Governor (I found the republican candidate's mailings particularly abhorent), I'm pleased about proposition 2, and I'm very sad about proposition 8, but I know that that will eventually change, too.

Overall, I'm happy about the country I woke up in this morning. Now we'll see how it goes.
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