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So, this morning I turned up at one of the local Campaign for Change… 
4th-Nov-2008 05:24 pm
So, this morning I turned up at one of the local Campaign for Change offices a couple miles from my house a little before 9. I got paired with two young men and given a list of 40-something Dems and unaffiliateds (this being a get out the vote effort, not campaigning as such), and we went out knocking on doors and leaving doorhangers with voting information - including the person's polliing place - printed on it and offering rides to the polls if people needed rides. We got through the first set and went back for a second set, and by the time we were done with them, it was 2:00 and we were all falling over. I dropped the guys back off so that they could call their moms for rides home (I offered, but they said they were fine), went and paid rent and bought bread for the pot luck tonight, came home, ate some lunch, and fell over. Tired now. :)

... oh, yea, why did they need to call their moms? Because the two lovely young men I was canvassing with can't drive yet. They were out bumping doors and they're not old enough to vote yet. And they've been doing it all summer, along with registering people to vote and data entry in the office and whatever needed doing. I was bowled over.

It's enough to give a girl a little hope, ya know.
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