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Last Sunday, I got to do a lot of cooking ahead, and it really made the week easier. I ended up looking at what we had leftover and bagging the ravioli on Wednesday, and doing some killer fried rice. Thursday night, we had Juan Pedro pie that I'd prepped Wednesday night - we had a ton of leftover taco meat that needed using. Friday night was what we'd planned, mini-pizzas (though we didn't get to the salad part.)

Cooking mini-pizza crusts and freezing them worked perfectly. I let them cook completely before stacking them in a tupperware container a little bigger than they were. I didn't even plastic wrap between them or anything, and they didn't stick together. Friday night, I pulled out three, nuked them for 30 seconds, topped them with sauce and cheese, and after 10 minutes at 375, they were perfect. Woot.

There was no cooking ahead today. Sigh. I think I'll get more pizza dough going tomorrow afternoon.

Meals this week:

last night: leftover Juan Pedro pie, the gift that keeps on giving
tonight: @ my parents'
Monday: salad
Tuesday: potluck @ a friends in honor of the election (dear self: make rolls)
Wednesday: spaghetti carbonara with chicken apple sausage
Thursday: salad again; I have a committee meeting at 6:30 and teach until 5....
Friday: mini-pizzas or take-out Chinese, depending on if I get dough made tomorrow, how much crap we have to do by Friday night, and how tired I am
Tags: cooking:menu_planning, cooking:prep

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