joyce (joyce) wrote,

We are t-minus 5 days until Jeff's mom gets here, so this mornng was more cleaning and organizing action. Ooohboogie. I also finished writing my students' next test and quiz. They're gonna love me, really. Heh.

Yesterday was my father's 59th birthday, but it worked out better for everyone involved to celebrate today, so this afternoon, we headed over to my parents' for a celebration that looked like most every celebration in our family does: food, board games (I got trounced at Careers), a walk and playing the aerobie since it was so pretty outside (70-something degrees and sunny, something we don't deserve on the second day of November but that frequently happens anyhow) and more food. We headed out early - Faith has to work in the morning, so she was leaving, and we wanted to do more work on the house. We've rearranged part of the kitchen and moved some bookshelves around, and Jeff is going through stuff on his side of the office. I need to spend some quality time with the shredder tomorrow, and need to put away clothes in a bad way, but right now, I think it's back to sorting paper for me, though collapse is imminent soon. I hate time changes; I feel way more tired than I should be even for 9:40, let alone 8:40.
Tags: birthdays, family, family:mil, time change

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