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Saturday we did our normal farmer's market and library thing. I probably worked some. We scowled at weather that wasn't suitable for fixing exhaust systems.1 We got take out Chinese and watched Tranformers (verdict: fun, a little slow, the info dump in the middle was kinda silly, picked up towards the end. Overall, A-, looking forward to the sequel.) Sunday was cooking and cleaning and such. Last night, I slept for crap. Well, the first three hour, I slept like a rock, and spent the next 4.5 wrestling with my covers and staring at the clock. Class today was fueled by caffiene.

Tonight was the continuing edition of catching up on summer movies that we didn't see, in the form of Ocean's 13 (verdict: SO MUCH BETTER than 12, but kind of slow, I was annoyed that they wrote out the women and that the only female character with more than 30 seconds on screen was 1) a power hungry bitch and 2) there to aid the plot by being seduced. Badly. With drugs., the setup was over the top but fun, overall, not bad, but no Ocean's 11, B+ would watch again.)

I've got high school essays to grade again, and what I've graded so far is pretty bad. Le sigh. Tomorrow is scheduled to be that and housecleaning and some minor errand running. I was going to go see artisanal_xara, but we're rescheduling due to mutual exhaustion and the fact that I don't want to take the clamp-and-bungie cords on 40.


1. Currently held together with 2 bugie cords and a clamp. Ladies and gents, I live with MacGyver. And a damn good thing it is, too.
Tags: ate soup, movies, teaching:hs

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