joyce (joyce) wrote,

Short, shameful confession: I've been cheating on LJ with Twitter. :) It's been good for short attention span theater lately.

Last week, I spent Monday buried in high school essays. Tuesday, among other things, I went out for a walk here, and it was amazing. You walk int the arboretum, and it just smells green. It was lovely. :)

The rest of the week was spent trying to catch up on life, getting tests graded, dealing with board stuff, and dealing with late tests. I am currently buried in attendance sheets that I need to catch up on.

Saturday, we traipsed down to the lovely home of hap and cbj for the CATT reunion, seeing some folks that I hadn't seen in a very very long time and getting to see flummox and yesthatjill. It was a really good time, that ended up with Mexican food with the aforementioned and Doc. Who gets called Jeff these days.

Yesterday, Jeff had to go into work in the morning for a bit. We ran some errands. I graded. We ran by the co-op. We did a pot luck at a friend's house. We bailed early, on account of having been out late the night before, but it was also a great time.

And that's all the news that's fit to print in public.
Tags: ate soup, social

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