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Oh, for the love of...

You know, Jeff just looked over at me and said "Are you surprised?" And yes, I am. The election last time got messy and angry, but we refrained from getting our prejudice out in the open air for the world to see (though, hell, maybe that's a good thing. Maybe we'll be better after all of this.) It was angry last time, but it wasn't like this. And it's making me very, very sad. Also, that McCain is getting other people to do his dirty work for him pisses me off. His campaign can "put [out] statement[s] distancing itself from the remarks" all it wants, but if he really wanted to stop this, he'd say "This is wrong, this is prejudiced, and I don't want your support if it's going to be like this."

P.S. to the minister in Iowa: Allah? Same as your God. Buddha? Not a god. Hinduism? Has a plethora. You might want to go back and take a comparitive religions course.
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