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I've gotten at least thirty minutes of exercise at least 3 times and up to 6 times a week since school started (save one week where I was sick as a dog). The exercise seems to be working:

- I forgot my keys for the classroom this morning, and jogged back to my office to get them. It's maybe 1/8 of a mile, not very far, but I couldn't have jogged it a month ago (ask me how I know.)
- I was sore from my hike yesterday, and expected to be today, but, but today I was fine. (Hurting from not sleeping enough, but that was my own damn fault.)
- My half an hour swim this afternoon? Fairly easy. Much easier than a month ago. I think I could push up to 45 minutes if I wanted to. (Note to self, no more later afternoon swims. Go in the morning or right after work. Swim practice is loud.)

This is rather wicked cool. :)
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