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Things I love about my job: yea, I might be grading papers at 9pm, but if I want to take off for a two hour hike on Tuesday morning (no classes on Tuesday), I can do it.

Greensboro has a fantastic set of trails that run along the lakes in the northern part of the city. This morning, I went out and did the Osprey Trail. 4.8 miles over and back, in 2 hours and fifteen minutes (which included water drinking and lake oogling and banana eating time. I'm slow.)

It was really lovely. My ass is sore. Swimming tomorrow is going to be fun. :)

The rest of the day was co-op board stuff and grading and other assorted. I need to do some lesson planning, because in a great feat of bad timing, my class's first tests are due on Friday, AND the online class has a set of essays due on Friday. Whoops. I know what I'm doing this weekend and next week.

At least the lesson planning should keep me awake until the debate. :)
Tags: big blue room, politics:election:2008, teaching:210:fall08, teaching:hs

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