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So, yesterday my sisters were in town, taking advantage of my parents being out of town to tackle the upstairs closets that had stuff in them from the Eisenhower administration.

( ... okay, not quite, but y'all, we unearthed my middle school annuals, among other artifacts. Maybe, if I get really bored and really brave, I'll scan in some school pictures for our entertainment.)

We started out the morning with them coming over for breakfast, because there was no food in the house - mom does a good job of cleaning out of the larder when she's going to be out of town. I made up biscuits and eggs and chicken apple sausage. and then the three of us went to the farmer's market, since they hadn't been to this market with us before. Hope and I both loaded up on meat. I got ground beef, pork chops, bulk sausage for sausage balls, breakfast sausage for eating, eggs, and pork tenderloin.

We dropped off my stuff here at the house and ran out to the parents'. We had pizza and potato chips for lunch (yesterday was not a healthy food day). We tackled the closets. We chatted. I tried to nap. We played Rumikube. It was a good day.

Faith had a gift card to Carraba's that she wanted to share, so we came back here and picked up Jeff and headed out to dinner. Dinner was really good. I got manicotti - sometimes, all you want is a pile of melted cheese, with just enough noodle so that you can call it dinner.

Today has been dishes and laundry and cooking and planning for the week and dealing with students. In other words, it's been Sunday. :) I got Jeff to go out to the bog garden with me for awhile before we went to the co-op. We walked around the park and looked at the ducks and talked about nature and lots of other stuff. When we first walked into the park, we saw something small and brown and squirrel-like skitter across the path. We thought it was a baby squirrel, but the further into the park we got, the more we saw, until we finally decided that they were something rodent but not squirrels. When we got home, Google and a couple of minutes told me that we'd seen chipmunks! They were wicked cute, and I would not want to get on the wrong end of their teeth - we watched one skin an acorn in about 0.07 seconds. I'd never (knowingly) seen a chipmunk before, and I'd always imagined them as much bigger.
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