joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, last night after I'd shut down the computer early - we were both wicked tired, and decided we weren't up to staying up late enough watch the debate (if I really want to watch it in its entirety, I'll find it online) but before I'd left the office, my phone started buzzing.

"Hello, may I speak to Joyce LastName?"
"This is she..."
"Hi, we're conducting a quick poll of voters in North Carolina, can I ask you a couple of questions?"
"How likely it is that you're voting in November? Very likely, somewhat likely, maybe, not sure yet?"
"Very likely."
"And if the election were held today, would you be voting for Senator McCain or Senator Obama?"
"And how sure are you that you will vote that way in November? Very likely, somewhat likely, maybe, not sure yet?"
"Very likely... ma'am, very warm parts of the earth would have to freeze over before I voted for McCain."
Poor phone monkey. Whoops. I almost threw her off her script. I could hear her trying not to laugh.
"Okay... and just for statistical purposes, how old are you?"
"Great. Well, thank you for participating. This poll was sponsored by the Democratic National Convention - "
"Oh, good!"
Poor phone monkey. " - and was not paid for by either candidate."

I shouldn't have tried to make the chick laugh. :)

Other than that, though, the DNC was polling in my red purple state. This gives me a little hope. :)
Tags: politics:election:2008

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