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Yesterday was a farmer's market run, putting in an appearance as a board member at the co-op's community partners fair, and our division pig-picking in the late afternoon. It was amusing to see some of my coworkers outside of work, and the pig was really, really good. It wasn't the best time ever, but it wasn't bad, so.

The evening ended with dinner in bed (chips and cheese and taco meat) and reading. All in all, it was a pretty lovely day.

This morning we lounged in bed with the laptops and books, and fixed potatoes and eggs and chicken apple sausage for breakfast, and I've done a ton of laundry - in fact, I need to hang up another load - and gotted a pile of grading done, and things like that. We had Taco Bell for lunch, and then in this weekend's episode of Geeks In The Outdoors, took the Aerobie to a nearby park. That was fun. We are horribly out of shape, but we are getting better.

The rest of the day, I need to get some work done, and clean my half of the office, and make bread. :)
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