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So, last night to celebrate our anniversary, we headed out to Sweet Basil's for the kind of fancy-pants dinner we don't do too often. In fact, at first, we felt like we weren't fancy enough - Jeff was still in his work clothes, and I'd dressed up, but we're both more elbows on the table people that white tablecloths and candlelight kind of people, but I'm glad we didn't get intimidated and run off, because it was one of the best meals I've ever eaten.

Sweet Basil's focuses on local and organic foods, and several of the menu items featured foods that we can purchase our at local farmer's market. What they do with it, though, is really, really good.

Last night was a brand new menu - they still have their summer menu on the website. Jeff ordered the best kamikaze either of us had ever tasted. I stuck with just water, though I did eventually ask if they had hard cider on tap (no) because it would have really suited what I was eating. Before anything else, we were started with two slices of a grainy, chewy wheat bread and olive oil, with local Goat Lady Dairy goat cheese rolled in paprika. Then, we split a cheese plate to start, and oh my, it was a lot of cheese. We got half a wheel of Camembert, more goat cheese rolled in parsley, some blue cheese, something Parmesan-esque, some soft cheese with horseradish in it that I love and Jeff hated, roasted almonds, crackers, cranberries, and a strawberry. I wished I'd asked for a list of what was on the plate. :) We thought we could finish it, but we were defeated; the remains of the cheese plate, along with half of our dinners, was boxed up and came home with us.

For dinner, I got "Portabella Napoleon", which resulted in a grilled portabello mushroom cap, zucchini, and squash, over goat cheese risotto with a balsamic reduction drizzled over it. My normal policy is not to get things in restaurants that I make at home, but I've made risotto just once and wanted to compare to theirs (theirs: much better, of course. More tender. And the goat cheese was divine.) Jeff got game hen stuffed with sausage stuffing, and he's lucky I didn't crawl across the table and eat his dinner. ;) The game hen was good, but the star of the dinner was the stuffing. It turns out that the sausage is made by the folks that we get our chickens from, so we got some sausage from them this morning at the market, and some thick cut pork chops from our egg people, and I'm going to take a turn at recreating the stuffing Friday night.

We declined dessert and coffee (see also, unable to finish our dinners), got the leftovers boxed up, and headed home, feeling fat and sassy and sated.
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