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turns out that they're drilling holes to run cables for ethernet and DSL. they can put as many holes in the house as they want, for that... ;)

dinner this evening is steamed tomatoes, garlic, and mushrooms, with couscous and fake crabmeat. yum.

this afternoon was errandage. walmart, target, haircut. i am cd-enabled in my car now. =] i was thwarted in my desires to repeat last fall's trick of dying my hair red, due to not being able to find non-permanent dye that isn't the brand that falls out in two days. so, since i'm having to wait... anyone care to express an opinon on white-blonde vs. red?

and yes, i went to wal-mart and target, both. wal-mart has an annoying policy of wanting you to pay for electronics in the electronics department... and then stashing one clerk back there. looooong line. day after payday, judging from the number of folks paying with 100s. so i got annoyed, paid for what i came there to get (the cheapie cd player) and went across the street to target for everything else, which was busy, as opposed to packed to the rafters... =)

the haircut did a world of good. she took off an inch and a half of uneveness and dead ends. so it looks a lot better, and will grow out better. best haircut i've had in ages, too, and for ten bucks, which is cheap around here...

i have "High Fidelity" to watch tonight. i have yummy supper. i got to ride around in my car all afternoon... life's not bad.

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