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So, I was gong to go out here last Wednesday, and I didn't, because it was bucketing rain and I got stuck in a meeting. Today, though, I was not to be stopped (though I was afeared yesterday, as it poured rain most of the day.) I hung out at school for my office hours and got my grading done, and then packed up and headed out.

The environmental center is about 5 minutes from work. I trotted in and changed clothes and wandered around looking for the trailhead and finally gave up and asked, and then moseyed in the direction of the directions given. I stopped to look at a map, felt a stinging in my left leg... and looked down to a mosquito. And then another.


I have issues with mosquitoes. Maybe I have sweet blood? Who knows. I get eaten to pieces mowing our backyard, and let me tell you, the mosquitoes today make the ones in our backyard look like fruit flies.

I started moving. The rest of the afternoon, as long as I kept moving, I was okay. If I stopped, I got bit. :) Swarmed is more like it. I did stop a few times anyway.

Anyhow, it was lovely out there. These were real woods, not the paved wide paths that we were on at out Guilford Courthouse last week. Both are nice, but real woods are what I was after today, and I got it.

I headed south on path 1, did loop number 6, continued on path 1, then headed north on path 4, which put me back on 1 and back to my car. I was out for 75 minutes.

At one point, the path was about a foot wide, and I was in a break in the trees, and the field was filled with head high bush things, and I could look up at the sky through the circle of trees, and I felt really, really small. It was a good feeling though, a reminder that we're all pretty small in the sum of the world, and that I should try to relax a little bit. Not that what we do day to day isn't important, but in the end, we're all a tiny part of a great big earth. I wish I'd taken the camera.

It was nice. I had fun. Next time, I need to either wear long sleeves and long pants, or find a bug repellent that isn't chock full of chemical crap.

There's also a nice long greenway as part of the park, and I think my bike will fit in my trunk if I take off the front wheel (which it's designed to do). I see an after work bike ride in my future. :)

Tonight, after dinner, I cut off a piece of cake (we're still working on leftover chocolate cake from last weekend) and got about halfway through it, and I was just done. Guys, I can't tell you when the last time I put cake back was. Normally, with sugar, it's "Yes please more and thank you." That felt good, too.
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