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I could use my userpic this morning.

Alas, I've had two cups, and it didn't help.

I woke up on the wrong damned side of the bed this morning. I didn't sleep well. I'm not in the mood to teach this morning, which is really weird for me. I thought my swim bag was in the car, and it wasn't, and I went back into the house and couldn't find it, and said frack it. I'm just generally grumpy. So now I'm in the office - since I was dressed and already ready to leave the house, even though I wasn't going to get to go swimming, I figured the universe was trying to tell me to get over here, get a good parking spot (and it was an improvement upon normal) and get some work done. So I'm in the office, drinking some tea, getting some work done, and trying to fix my attitude before class, lest I snarl at a student this morning.
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