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Nomnomnomnomnom. I've had a wicked craving for soft-boiled eggs for the last couple days, so this morning I scrambled Jeff's and made mine soft boiled. First, Mark Bitman isn't kidding about "crack the egg and then scoop out the contents" - otherwise, you'll have a mess (yes, I had to open a cookbook for this - I wasn't sure how long they needed). Secondly, I served them up over a couple of heated torn apart rolls from last night. Man. Soft-boiled eggs and bread has no right to be this good.

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    This morning, feeding time at the zoo: Yes, Lattimer the dog and Copper the cat are the same size. :)

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    Also, Marty is sitting on top of my knitting. Which does not make it easier to knit. Silly fur.

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    Copper has been crazy lap kitty lately. I get home, I sit down, and zoom - it's floor to lap in 3.5 seconds. She's currently curled up in a ball of…

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