joyce (joyce) wrote,

1. So, I can add sloppy joes to the list of foods I hated as a child and like now. We made this version last night, and it was very, very tasty. I served it up over corn cakes and a little sharp cheddar.

2. These rolls? ZOMG so good. Totally not as fussy as they looked. The hardest part was waiting for the milk to cool. And next time, I need to use 375 - 400 in our oven seemed too high. I quartered the recipe and got 10 rolls, plus dough in the firdge. I have totally found our dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And anytime in between I feel like. :) Also, has anyone else had monkey bread? I think this recipe would make a great base for it, if you didn't want to use canned biscuits.
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