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on being an adult 
2nd-Sep-2008 09:03 pm
Adults go in on their days off the day they don't have to be on campus to get instructor observations done, because there are schedule conflicts with the other options for getting it done.

Also, adults go get their eyes checked for the first time in (sigh) 6 years, once their income has improved. To be fair, I wasn't having headaches and I could see well enough, so it wasn't like I was ignoring a gaping hole in my head, but still, it was time. I can think of other ways to spend $80, but they were quick and efficient and got me in and out in 15 minutes. Verdict? The lef eye has changed slightly, but not enough to worry about unless I just want new glasses. Eyes are very healthy. Come back in 2 years.

So, yay.

Adults are also tired, but got prep done for tomorrow. It's research day, so it's an easy day. I'm mostly going to make them run around the classroom and interview each other and talk about why it's hard.

Cold's almost gone. :)
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