joyce (joyce) wrote,

Report from the zoo:

Thursday, I was busy all freaking day. Meeting, swimming, office hours, teaching, board meeting. Jeff got off work early. M & the kids hung out, ran errands, and hung out with Jeff when he got home, and they all went out for pizza for dinner.

Yesterday, I made breakfast for everyone, went and taught, turned into an advising machine (more about the hilarity of advising freshmen on the last working day before classes start later), and came home. M & the kids went to the zoo. We all went out for a pile of Mexican food for dinner.

Today, we did the farmer's market, and an epic 3 hour game of Monopoly, and Hope is here, and we're going to cook tofu and corn and stuff on the grill and play games. Tomorrow, there's no real plan except seeing Clone Wars. Monday we're going swimming. Tuesday, I don't know yet. Jeff has off Monday and Tuesday.

Whee. :)
Tags: house guests, malcolm, visitors

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