joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, if I pull out of the driveway at 7:15, I can get down to school, get in the pool, swim for half an hour, get out of the pool, get showered and dressed, move my car out of the Y's lot, and be in my office making a cup of tea by 8:35. This did not include wiggling into teaching clothes (today was a shorts and tshirt day) or fixing my hair (such fixing as occurs) (I did the bandana thing today). This does include wearing my suit into campus so I don't have to change clothes twice, and dodging idiots who can't drive and don't know where they're going who are trying to get to the golf tournament (which means I should probably take 85 tomorrow, as apparently this will be going on all week, sigh). So, yay. I think getting in a swim before work is not going to be a problem.

However, second breakfasts is going to be necessary, as the yogurt and fruit had long worn off by the time I got to the office. However, I took in office supplies today, including cereal, so that's dealt with.

So, after swimming, I did some unpacking in the office and dropped off my copy requests for my syllabuses. I came home and made more breakfast (bagel and egg, noms) and ignored the 234234 fast food places I pass on the way home from work. I ran my parents' computers out to their house. I came home and tried to nap, and failed, and ate some lunch, and read and did some sewing and read some board stuff and eventually did get a nap (I slept for jack last night) and made tacos for dinner and watched a really fracked up episode of BSG with Jeff (seriously, was Ron Moore dropping acid when he put together "Take a Break from All Your Worries"?)

It was a good day.
Tags: commuting, fitness, teaching:cc, tv:bsg

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