joyce (joyce) wrote,

This week is registration and advising for people who didn't do it in the spring at the community college. My 50 person class that was half-empty the day before yesterday now has 1 seat empty. Wheee. :)

Right now, the 900 section (MWF) is at 49 out of 50 seats taken. The 1000 section (MWF) is at 27 out of 34 seats taken. The 1030 (TH) section is at 30 out of 32. Considering you can apply to the CC right up until classes start, and that they're running open registration through next Thursday, I expect that my classes are going to fill, which means I'll be at 116 students.

At some point, I want to make a post about teachnig a checkbox class. Maybe today, if I can get some other stuff done.
Tags: teaching:cc

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