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Today was busy. I spent a lot of it in the car.

I got up and got Jeff off to work, and went back to bed for half an hour - I just hadn't slept enough. I got up and knocked out some board stuff. I ate Greek yogurt and figs for breakfast (breakfast of the gods, let me tell you). And then it was time to head out to the parents' house.

Mom wanted to go to Walmart, so I took her, and I'd told her we'd do lunch, and she wanted Arby's, so that's what we did. (They had a grilled chicken salad that actually wasn't bad that I didn't feel like was going to kill me on injestion, so, yay.) She wanted to hit J. C. Penney, so we did, and then we zoomed into Target so that I could grab a waterproof watch and goggles. And then it was time to head home, and it was time for her nap. Dad pulled in right behind us, so we chit chatted for awhile. (I love my daddy). Eventually, I took off, and headed out to work, where I dropped of my direct deposit info (I got it yesterday, it's due Monday, I did not trust it to perculate through the USPS and campus mail system fast enough) and chattered at the department admin a bit, and then I went swimming (the goggles? Best $7 I've spent in a long while). Then it was home, with a stop by the library to drop off books.

When Jeff got home, he suggested Mexican for dinner (grilled veggies and shrimp, noms), and then we wandered into Best Buy for our once a year pilgrimage. And now we're home, and he's gaming and I'm chatting at my sister, and things, things are good.
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