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Jeff's work schedule got all kinds of rearranged this week, so he ended up with an afternoon off. We celebrated with Taco Bell, Borders, and The Dark Knight, which we enjoyed. I missed the "tech the tech" from the first movie a bit, and it was a much, much darker movie than the first one (well, duh), but it was a very enjoyable way to spend a couple hours and matinee ticket prices, and it was definitely one to be seen on a very large screen.

The whack-a-mole towards graduation continues. I turned in my signature pages today. The last thing left (well, okay, I have three more revisions to do on the document - I have some words underlined when others need to be underlined, shit like that, but I've met tomorrow's clearance deadline for my document and just have to have the last few things done by August 11, thank goodness) is one last errant library book, and my professor's housesitter (a fellow grad student) is supposed to be putting that in my box tomorrow. [And I know how to find him if he doesn't, so.] I'll have one day's fine to pay on it, and then that should be the last thing. I hope. I turned in more library books yesterday, and paid the cashier's office their last $17, and had a milkshake with Marshica, so yesterday wasn't a bad day either.

And now, I'm tired. Lesson plans can wait. Bed can't.
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