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So, when last we saw our heroine, she was about 18 feet off the ground. :)

Tuesday afternoon after I defended, I came home and ran Jeff out to the airport, then ran around running some errands (and scored on the pants front, I need to go back and see if they have any more in other colors), then came home and halfway watched the first 20 minutes of U.S. Marshalls before deciding it was as boring as I remembered, made ravioli for dinner, and spent a lot of time texting and on the phone with Jeff, because the poor guy was experiecing lousy delays due to some killer thunderstorms rolling through the area. First they hit Charlotte, which was the city he was supposed to be connecting through, and then they hit here. They finally got up in the air and to Charlotte, only to discover that U.S. Air hadn't held the connecting flights they had said they would. He finally got into Boston at about 1:30 in the morning.

Yesterday, I had ESL class in the morning (and a good class we had, too; some days, things just click), ran some errands, got my oil changed, came home, and cleaned. I had a few friends over for a potluck, whereupon we had a very odd assortment or food (granola and chips & salsa to start, salad and roasted potatoes, and frozen chocolate mousse brownie stuff for desert. And a lot of Corona, Mike's hard like, and Woodchuck. Oddly, it worked.) It was a nice time. Eventually, they took off, I chattered at lycantras for a few minutes, and then, exhausted from not sleeping well the night before, I went to bed. Where it took me forever to get to sleep, despite being very tired. I woke up at 645 this morning, totally awake. Yarg.

So, I need to pack and make the guest bed and scoop the catbox, and then I'm headed down to Raleigh, where I'll have lunch with ambermae and hang out with artisanal_xara before heading over to the airport and getting on a plane to go up to Boston where Jeff is. :) It's going to be a good time, but this is definitely going to be the day that Mountain Dew built.
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