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So, we went out clothes shopping. Jeff needed work clothes and… 
6th-Jul-2008 04:05 pm
So, we went out clothes shopping. Jeff needed work clothes and shoes, and I was after something very specific - a pair of capris (or 2, if they didn't suck) and a pair of cargo shorts. I still think capris are kind of silly, but now's the time to buy them before all the winter clothes go on the shelves (mutter). I can't teach in shorts (that's about the only dress code, and I'll be teaching on the main campus this year, which means I need to actually pay attention to these things) but I think I could get away with capris.

Jeff scored big time. Mom had told us that Sears was running great sales, and they were. We were in and out with him pretty quickly. I envy men - they go to a shelf, pull off an x-large shirt, and they know that it's going to fit.

Anyhow, Sears had petite clothes in 16 and below, and non-petite in 18 and above. I tried on a couple pairs of non-petite capris, just to see, and the crotch was approaching my knees. Um, no. And forget cargo shorts - there weren't any out over size 18.

We hit Old Navy, since it was in the same shopping center. The largest size they had on the racks was 18, and there weren't many of those. I can fit into an Old Navy 18, but they were way tight across the thighs. Grump. They have lots of lovely choices online, but I will not buy clothes I can't try on. Dear Old Navy: What's with having your plus sized clothes "exclusively online"? Is it to keep us poor miserable fat women from having to go into a store and try on clothes? Bite me. I used to love ON, too.

Hrmph. I'm going to try Kohl's after I drop off Jeff at the airport on Tuesday; I keep hearing good things about them.
7th-Jul-2008 11:21 pm (UTC)
dude, 2 words: lane bryant.
7th-Jul-2008 11:28 pm (UTC)
In the past, I've found LB's clothes either 1) out of my budget or 2) older looking than I wanted, but I am willing to reevaluate both. :)
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