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Unlike many other holidays, the fourth of July is not a big holiday for my family. If we're all in about the same space on the day, we'll converge, but we don't work to make it happen like we do with many other holidays. Last year, we did dinner and movies and games with my sisters and my cousin. This year, Faith has to work, Hope is spending a much needed week at the beach, Andrew (who has actually been to war [or sand, at least], so it makes me a little grumpy that he works today) is at work. My parents are going to a baseball game (well, probably, but mom wanted to, and she usually eventually gets what she wants :) ) so that mom can see the fireworks. And we're staying home. (Mom: "You don't want to see fireworks?" Me: "This year, no. No crowds, no loud noises. No.") Jeff is going to be out of town 13 days this month, I'm going out of town for part of it, and there's been a lot of other stuff going on. We've got some errands to run, but those will wait until tomorrow or Sunday. Today, the plan is to stay home. :)

Last year, I said this:

I may not always like my country, but I always, always love it. The current state of affairs may not currently be the way many of us would prefer them to be, but things will get better and the state of affairs will improve, and today is the best day I can think of to feel optimistic on that point. Happy Independence Day, folks. :)

And it still applies. And, I have a lot more hope this year than I did last year.

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