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When we went to Jersey a couple of weeks ago, I managed to forget:

- deodorant
- the wine for our hostessing gift
- plates to eat our picnic off of
- napkins

And probably some other stuff I'm forgetting, despite having a packing list. None of these were undealable with - realistically, as long as I have my wallet, meds, and keys, anything else can be dealt with - but it's nice not to forget stuff like that. So, I'm working on compiling a master packing list - I won't need all of it for every trip, but it would be good to have a standard to work off of.

All of this is my long way of asking, dearies, what do you often forget when you're travelling that you wish you hadn't? Alternately, what have you taken along that proved unecessary? This site is great, and a good starting point, but aimed at folks who are engaging in slightly more adventuresome travelling that I normally engage in.
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