joyce (joyce) wrote,

It's that time again...

My hair and I have issues. In high school, I had it down to my bra line, before chopping it off to the chin length bob that I wear most of the time. Periodically, the bob grows out to my shoulders, and periodically I hack it up to somewhere between my hairline and my chin. So, most of the time, it's in a bob. However, sometimes, I get bored with or tired of that. In the first couple years of college, I had that hair where you shave off the back and leave the top long. I loved that haircut, but it's a pain to grow out. In 2003, I shaved it all off (at one point, it was bald). I also loved that haircut... and in between, I get annoyed and chop it all off. I had been going to grow it out this time, but I decided that growing it out just so that it would be easier to wear up was silly. So, yesterday morning I looked like this:

And now I look like this:

It's not the world's greatest picture, but it gets the point across. The top will probably be pinned back like that most of the time, because without wanting to use copious amounts of goop, that's about what I'm going to be able to do with it. Also, this isn't quite what I was going for - it's shorter than I was shooting for, which is funny, since most of the time I have a hard time getting them to go short enough. However, shorter is fine - it's that much longer until I need a hair cut again. :) For now, tt's cute and out of my way, so I'm happy (until I get bored and decide to do something else to it...)

I'm also thinking about hennaing it. I miss red hair.

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