joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, when we got home, I uploaded the 234234 pictures we took in Jersey to my Flickr account. And I hit the 200 photo limit for free accounts, which I hadn't realized was there. They'll happily store more than 200 photos for you, but they'll only display 200. Which is perfectly reasonable for a free service, but I'm already paying for a domain that I'm not using, so I didn't particularly want to pay for a pro account when I could just use my own domain.

So, I said unto Jeff, "Can we install Gallery on my domain?" We did, and it worked beautifully - for about 30 seconds. Then it horked all over itself. It turns out that Jeff has had weird Gallery issues a couple of times before, so we got rid of Gallery and spent the morning installing and setting up Coppermine, which so far, seems to be working great. This makes me glad, because I'd like to start taking and showing off more pictures. All of the links I posted yesterday are working now, too. In celebration, have a random picture of Copper. :)
Tags: copper, meta, photos

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