joyce (joyce) wrote,

I've been thinking I was going to grow my hair out. It looks really great at the length it's at, but it gets in my face, and I end up wearing it up all the time anyhow. However, there's little bits that won't stay up and lay on my neck and forehead and get on my nerves. So, I've been thinking I'd grow it out to get rid of the wisps, and then I could braid it and it would be out of my face. But I'm starting to think that I don't have the patience for that, and really, long long hair is not my thing - there's a reason I chopped it off in high school and didn't look back. :)

So maybe next week I'll go to the beauty school and say "Hi. I want it short. I don't use product. I will not use a bunch of goop in my hair. What can you do?"
Tags: vanity

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