joyce (joyce) wrote,

- Jeff's mom is here for an extended visit. We flew her into Charlotte, since there are direct SEA <-> CLT flights, and drove down to pick her up Tuesday night. We grabbed an okay-not-great dinner at Applebees (though, kudos to Applebees for offering half sized salads and other reasonably portioned dinners) since none of us had gotten dinner yet at 8:00, then got home lateish.

- Yesterday was mostly spent letting her recover from traveling (it's not so good to a body, at her age). I took a test for my advising job this summer. We did some reading and knitting/crocheting. There was whole wheat pasta for dinner.

- Today, we ventured out into the world, with a brief driving tour of Greensboro and a stop at Harris Teeter for food items for her that were not acquired on my errands Tuesday. It was a good venture out. I also tried unsuccessfully to get up with the professor I'm working for this summer at the time he said he would be in his office so that he could give me more work. Turns out he had a good excuse, though. Otherwise, there was reading and knitting and chatting at faecat and looking at houses online. There was not thesis or dishes or laundry. My motivation this week has been low, captain. So has sleep. Coincidence? :)

- Tomorrow, we run out to my parents' house to pick up the extra wheelchair, and to hang out with my mom if V. is feeling up to it. It should be fun.

Tags: family:mil, family:mom

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