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So, I didn't get everything done yesterday, but I did pretty good.… 
28th-May-2008 07:49 am
So, I didn't get everything done yesterday, but I did pretty good. I got most of the big stuff done (except for that looming findings section).

I walked into my chair's office yesterday afternoon before my tutoring appointment and said "So, yea. I've got most of the big stuff done, but it took longer than I expected." He snorted. I told him to shut up. :) I was amused.


I'm tutoring someone in SPSS (which is a big bad statistical software package). It turns out that what they need to learn is factor analysis. Guess what I get to learn by Monday?


I've had this obnoxious racking cough for a week - you know, the kind where you feel like your toes are going to come out next? It's been a really bad allergy season here this year. Jeff finally talked me into going to the doctor ("It's just allergies! What are they going to be able to do?") I walked about with some magic gelcaps that relax my bronchial tubes and an inhaler, and damned if I don't feel better. I still have a cough, but it's not as bad, I'm not hacking my lungs up every five minutes, and I CAN BREATHE. I need to remember this. I have a bad habit of ignoring moderate health issues, figuring they'll just get better eventually on their own, because I dislike going to the doctor.
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