joyce (joyce) wrote,

So I'm not doing anything else today until I have a revised thesis draft to my chair (or until I have to go up to school to tutor someone, whichever comes first).

- check spelling of tribal languages; fix footnotes on language
- flesh out Montagnard History and Community Background section
- flesh out section on religion vs. culture
- flesh out section on Stark & Bainbridge
- flesh out section on community and religion
- expand transnationalism section
- make a table of participants
- notes on schooling in Vietnam
- expand on exit narratives
- add in conversion story
- check on word for Catholic reader HAH! It was reader on the bulletin. I win.
- clothing lit quote
- lit quote about cultural differences and generational conflict

- lit quote for feelings about living in U.S.
- lit quote about economics/responsibility in the U.S.
- expand on time in U.S. being an issue
- note whether "churches and other places of worship serving as both places for worship and also for centers of “ethnic continuity” " was seen in the community
- references about family life in Vietnam
- citations about Catholics and Protestants in Vietnam
- fix references
- fix discussion and conclusions
- add in implications
- revise abstract; make more descriptive (check against word count requirements)
- give the whole thing a good once over
- update table of contents
- ship the whole thing off to chair
- dance a little dance
Tags: thesis

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