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It's been a busy, busy weekend. Friday night, we had a grad student… 
26th-May-2008 12:02 pm
It's been a busy, busy weekend.

Friday night, we had a grad student picnic. It was very low key, and very fun. One of my friends and fellow grad students Amy rented a shelter out at a local park, and we did burgers and potluck sides and frisbee and volleyball and beer and conversation. The park closes down at sunset, so Jeff and I headed home shortly beforehand. Everyone else apparently moved the party to Amy's house, where they were up ti l 3:30 in the morning. We came home and got something like 9 hours of sleep. I'm okay with that.

Saturday was the farmer's market and the library, and then one of the professors I've worked for over the last couple of years had a bunch of us and our partners over for a late lunch/early dinner. We had barbecue chicken and salad and apple cake and other good stuff, and too much good wine, and frisbee and good conversation. We came home by way of Target and vegged out and had leftover tacos for dinner, and got nine hours of sleep.

Yesterday was an event that had been ages in the making, the wedding of ambermae and gorski. It was a lovely ceremony, if murky from the incense. ;) The reception was very nice as well, at Artspace downtown. We wandered around and looked at the art and nibbled on food, and did a little catching up with people, as it was a veritable CATT reunion. It was nice, but we were very tired, and I wasn't feeling up to 156 rounds of "Oh, wow, I haven't seen you in [5, 10, 15] years, what are you up to these days?" We cut out fairly soon after the bride and groom arrived, but had a good time while we were there. :) Amber was lovely, and they were both beaming. We sang "God grant you many years" to them at the end of the ceremony, and we'll hope it ends up being that way. Photos over here.

We stopped in Burlington on the way home and had a little B&N/Red Robin date, came home, futzed around on the computers for awhile, went to bed... and got 10 hours of sleep. I'm not sure when the last time I slept that late was. Hopefully, I'm starting to make up a bit of my perpetual sleep dep.

It's been a busy damn month, yo.

4/25: vistation for Bernard
4/26: funeral for Bernard
5/1: last day of the class I was teaching
5/3: potluck and movies at Amy's
5/5 - 5/9: grading finals; turning in grades; final week of classes at the uni; lots and lots of stats tutoring
5/10: Emily's baby shower (did not attend: [Chair's] bbq, Amy's birthday party; by the time I got back from Raleigh that day, I was done
5/11: mother's day, cookout at my dad's cousin's house
5/17: Brandi's graduation party
5/18: co-op owner's meeting; get elected to the board of directors
5/19: vistation for Floyd
5/20: funeral for Floyd
5/22: first board meeting
5/23: grad student cookout
5/24: lunch at R's
5/25: Chris and Amber's wedding

It's all been a lot of fun (well, except for the funerals), but my social reserves are out. This coming weekend will be the first weekend in 6 weeks that we don't have anything scheduled, and I really want to keep it that way.

Jeff's mom gets in on June 3rd and leaves June 24th. I have advising in June (yay money). I have a board meeting on the 4th and another the 26th. Mom's birthday is the 20th. Somewhere in there, we're headed up to Jersey to visit Jeff's best friend and family. Something tells me that June is going to be kind of nuts, too.

Today, I need to work on the thesis, and work on work for SKS so I can make some money, and we need to clean house, and Hope is coming by for a bit. whee. :)
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