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Yesterday, I poked at while at the thesis (progress, slow but… 
17th-May-2008 02:09 pm
Yesterday, I poked at while at the thesis (progress, slow but steady), and then Stewie showed up, being in town for a conference and being done with the conference. We went out to the co-op, because she wanted to see it, then crashed at Spring Garden Coffee, drinking hot chocolate and yarning. Eventually, we grabbed a Laurie and Jeff, and ended up at Fishbones, a local hole in the wall, drinking beer and eating dinner on their patio (very good fish tacos, though I was really more in the mood for french fries than the tortilla chips that came with it). Stewie had to get home, so we all parted ways.

Jeff and I came home, and listened to some music, and proceeded to get very tipsy. I mean, like, once a year kinda drunk for me. Oy. That was fun, and I don't need to do that for at least another year.

This morning, I was up pretty early (and fine; I don't get hungover), and wandered out to the farmer's market, and stocked up on all kinds of good things. Otherwise, we've been very lazy today. We're eventually going to make it out to a friend's graduation picnic, and there are rumors of a bookstore trip, and otherwise, we're in for a nice, quiet evening.
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