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So I drove down east and picked up artisanal_xara and grabbed… 
10th-May-2008 08:58 pm
So I drove down east and picked up artisanal_xara and grabbed some Wendy's for lunch and drove out to our friend Emily's baby shower. It was very lovely to see the Tonya (and feebdaed and the wee one), and the shower was nice - low key, and with no stupid shower games thank bob. Emily's family was lovely, the cake was good, and the conversation mostly good. I will admit to spacing out during the discussions of labor - people who had kids outnumbered those who didn't there, and so while discussing labor was totally to be expected at a baby shower, I still had absolutely nothing to contribute to that converation. :)

I dropped Tonya back off at her house and got back on 40. I might have stayed longer, but her in-laws were around and I was rapidly running out of juice. I was supposed to be going to a bbq at my thesis chair's house when I got back, and a friend of mine from school was having a birthday party tonight, and I ended up too tired for either. So I picked up a couple of frozen pizzas for dinner and came home, and I'm in my pjs and we've had dinner, and sleep is shortly going to be in order.
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