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So yesterday I went to ESL class and then the library, and on the drive from the library to school, my nice new week old stereo started powering on and off. At first, I thought the CD was skipping, but nope. So I get over to school and get into a parking spot - thank bob - and Janeway dies. My immediate reaction, of course, was to try to turn her on, and she would not turn over. She would not click. She started to turn on, decided that was too much effort, and then died again.

I said a few impolite words. However, it was going to be ok - we bought her used, there were going to be issues. But then, the alarm system I didn't know I had started going off.

You see, there were stickers saying that the car had an alarm system, but we'd gotten no instructions or information or a remote or anything for it, so we'd assumed that it'd be ripped out along with the stereo before they sold the car.

So I'm sitting there in my poor broken down car in the nice quiet neighborhood a block from school that I park in, and this alarm starts going off. We're not talking a few quiet beeps, either - we're talking European police car style sirens. Yea.

The sad thing? No one blinked. I garnered no attention whatsoever from this loud alarm system going off.

It finally went off, and I got out to write a note saying "please don't tow me, broken down, will move as soon as possible" (it was 2 hour parking) and the sirens start going off again.

Insert more impolite words here. :)

I had a student showing up for stats tutoring in ten minutes, so the alarm turned itself off again, I locked up, and started walking toward my building, calling the calvary (my dad) while I walked. I thought I just needed a jump, and then I was going to have him follow me home, but after talking to Jeff, he thought it might be the alternator and that would require a good 15 to 20 minute charge to get Janeway moving. He had some comp time coming, so he got off early and came over. It turned out that even if we'd tried to jump it, we would have had issues, because as soon as he started messing with the car, the @#$@#$ing alarm went off and would not shut up and the only way to get it to shut up was to pull the battery leads.

So, I got to call a tow truck, because the tools to do anything were at home.

However, the truck was impressively fast and we and Janeway were home 45 minutes from when I called the tow company. Jeff pulled the alarm system (I do not need an alarm system that I can't control in a 1996 Nissan Sentra. Besides, no one pays attention to the things, anyhow), and the remote starter that turned out to be in there, while he was at it, and did some tests that I kinda sorta understood, and decided that while it's possibly the battery, it's more likely that the battery isn't getting charged, which means the alternator. He's picking the replacement up today after work.

So that was our exciting afternoon. The day improved after that - we had my cousin and our friend Marshica over for dinner, and a pile of good food and good conversation will fix a lot of ills. In the scheme of used car repairs, this is pretty minor. Hope said I could borrow her car Saturday to go to the baby shower I'm scheduled to go to. I can take the bus to my part-time job interview tomorrow. It's all working out fine, but man, yesterday sucked. :)

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