joyce (joyce) wrote,

We went, we saw, we voted. :) There was a nice trickle of voters coming in - not too long a line, but more people than I've seen in the other two times I've voted in this location. I'm also going to fill out sample ballot from now on - it made zipping down the list quick work.

So, yay. We'll see what shakes out tonight.

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    1. We got our first watermelon of the season today. Nomnomnomnomnom. 2. I have tasted heaven, in the form of locally made fresh ricotta. More noms.

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    We got figs yesterday at Deep Roots, on our trip after the farmer's market to get the stuff we can't get at the market. Or, rather, I got figs, 4…

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    Yesterday was a good day. So when we got to the farmer's market this weekend, our normal beef vendor wasn't out in her normal spot. We don't know…

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