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So, last night we went over to a school friend's house for dinner and potluck, which was a fitting end on a day when I'd turned in a thesis draft. :) The potluck ended up being this weird Southern-Asian fusion thing. Once we put everyone's food together, we had collards cooked with carrots and garlic, tossed salad, French bread (my first attempt at making it all on my own without the bread machine to handle the dough, and it turned out pretty darned good), cornbread, chili, rice and stir fried vegetables with peanuty coconut milk sauce, curried califlower, seaweed crackers, eggrolls, and Kahlua chocolate cake trifle. :) (Yes, that last was as good as it sounds). The weird combinations worked, though, and dinner was great.

Entertainment was No Country for Old Men, which was great, but totally not what I was expecting. IMDB says "Violence and mayhem ensue after a hunter stumbles upon some deadbodies, a stash of heroin and more than $2 million in cash near the RioGrande" which makes it sound like your typical shootemup movie, but it's not. I should have known not to expect a typical shootemup, considering whose house we were at. It was good, though, and I love Tommy Lee Jones. We had to turn on the subtitles so that we could understand the Texan. :)

It was a good evening. We toddled home after the movie, and I fell over almost immediately.

Today's plans include housecleaning, grading finals if anymore come in (I have 8 out of 22 left, which isn't bad, considering they have til Monday at 5; I've got 11 in and 2 people that I know are taking incompletes and 1 more that I think will end up doing so), and... um, I don't know. Not touching my thesis, unless I decide to work on checking my works cited list. :)
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