joyce (joyce) wrote,

It's Friday. I'm not entirely sure where this week has gone.

Yesterday, I had my last class of intro. We had an optional review session, so I helped some people with their finals and got some very nice compliments and it was a nice ending to the semester. I know I'll say this every semester, but I'm going to miss them; they were a good group of folks.

Then I traipsed back over to school, and gave two finals and graded some papers and totally used up about a year's worth of parking karma. There's two hour city parking a block from my building, and there's always spots available, but it's a tow-in zone after your two hours unless you have a residential permit. About an hour over my limit, as I had just finished up giving the second final, I realized I'd forgotten to move my car. I threw all of my crap together and hauled ass back to it... and it was still there. No ticket, no tow. Thank you, parking demons.

I drove over to Jeff's work and we tried to install my new stereo (it's shiny. It plays real life cds, woooo. Also, it plays music off of a thumb drive, which I just think is the coolest thing ever.) However, the wiring harness was not what he expected it to be, and we needed tools that we didn't have there, so no nice shiny new stereo for me quite yet. That'll be this weekend's project.

We did some book browsing in B&N and grabbed some Qdoba for dinner, and came home and just kind of piddled for awhile. I tried to work on the thesis, and failed, and ate some ice cream, and computed some grades, and read some LJ, and we went to bed early and read. I'm really enjoying the new J. D. Robb book so far, which is good, because my reading mojo was suffering its normal end of semester slump.

Today's plan: stats appointments at 10 and 12, helping a friend put together a survey and testing the scanning software in between, locking myself up in the school's library until I come out with a full thesis draft (or until I have to pick Jeff up, whichever comes first), picking up Jeff and then picking up his car, which is getting some TLC today. A pile of errands in the direction of the car shop. Calling my cousin and seeing if my great-aunt is up for visitors today or if next week would be better. Laundry.

I'd best get to it.
Tags: ate soup, family, thesis

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