joyce (joyce) wrote,

tomorrow, we have to:

- cut the grass
- get a replacement filter for the HVAC
- get replacement batteries for the smoke detectors (these three things have to happen, as the @#$@#$ guy from the property company showed up Thursday instead of Monday like he was supposed to, and is swinging back by Monday to make sure they've been done)
- run by the student health pharmacy
- go to Deep Roots

I have only 2 goals for the rest of the week: get that thesis draft pushed out, and get the house cleaned.

I want to play some Age of Empires, but I lack sufficient motivation to 1) find my cd drive and get it put back in (it got taken out in favor of a second battery) and 2) find my cd or 3) find the no-cd hack. This is possibly a sign that I should go to bed.

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