joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today, I actually

- made bread for the next couple of days
- made up the collards. really really good. recipe to follow.
- made apple bread for me for breakfasts this week.
- sliced up the strawberries.
- put tofu to marinating.
- decided to hold off on the peanut noodle salad until tomorrow, since I've leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
- didn't get to the potato salad. Tomorrow, likely.

- did a whole bunch of dishes
- did laundry

- graded tests
- got prepped for Tuesday
- realized that I didn't need to schedule two days for social change, as presented in our book; made the summary decision to cancel class on Thursday.
- wrote the next quiz, which means I'm done writing quizzes for the semester, because I already wrote the last one :)
- got some interviews coded

- had tasty dinner with Hope and Jeff.

Not a bad day. Here's hoping I can make tomorrow even more productive.
Tags: personal:mental_health:daily_accomplish

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