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Woot. I've graded all the tests that I can (one girl sent me hers in… 
20th-Apr-2008 02:38 pm
Woot. I've graded all the tests that I can (one girl sent me hers in the newest version of Word, which I can't open at home. I'll have to do that at school tomorrow). I expect 2 more to come in. Not bad.
21st-Apr-2008 12:05 am (UTC)
There are free file format converters available for down-level versions of Word, which will allow you to read the file.

If you're on Windows, it's this one for Office 2000 and 2003:

If you're on a Mac, it's this one (which is still in beta) for Office 2004:
At the bottom of the screen, select Office 2004 in the left column, then the file format converter (the third one down) from the middle column.
21st-Apr-2008 12:18 am (UTC)
Thank you! Jeff actually told me the same thing about five minutes after I posted that, and I hadn't gone back and fixed the post yet.

It's nice knowing professional geeks. :)
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