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Yesterday we got up and did our farmer's market run and went to the… 
20th-Apr-2008 09:27 am
Yesterday we got up and did our farmer's market run and went to the library. We came home, I graded more tests, and then I went out to the co-op to work their annual taste fair. I served food for two hours, helped clean up the whole thing, did our shopping for the week, came home, and fell over. There was pork tenderloin with sage (good, but not as good as rosemary, and I was hungry, so I cooked it faster, so it didn't come out as tender as most of the time. It was still tasty, but) and roasted potatoes and some hothouse squash I got at the farmer's market a couple weeks ago. Mmmm, squash.

I am having rediculous cravings for potato salad. So, I intend to make a small batch today for lunches (with other stuff) for the next couple of days. I'm very picky about potato salad, so it's going to be small batches until I find something I love.

It turns out that I don't hate collards anymore. Like most other things in my life (except for beans), it's all in how they're prepared. I had some at the Ethiopian place in Richmond while I was up there for Southerns, and they weren't bad. Then at the taste far yesterday, I had some that were really, really good. So I snagged the recipe and bought some collards. Local NC grown organic ones, no less. If they turn out as good at they did at the taste fair, that would rock, since I'm not getting enough greens lately and they're all over the farmer's market. If they turn out well, I'll post the recipe.

We got our first strawberries of the season yesterday. Nums. :) :) :)

Today is going to be some housework (and in the cleaning process, seeing if I can find my ID, which is still MIA) and some cooking food for lunches for the week since I've been falling prey to the fast food monster too much lately (potato salad, collards, peanut noodles with tofu, bread, slicing up those strawberries so they can be easily deployed for lunches for both of us), and some more test grading, and some thesising, since there has been no progress on that front since I posted The Plan (to be fair, I've also been pretty near non-stop busy), and dinner with Hope in Kernesville, which is our only fixed obligation today, hallelujah. :)


I need to start taking more pictures. I LJ so I can natter at my friends and read about what other people are eating and reading and cooking, but also because I have a memory like a sieve, and I went to remember this life that's flashing before my eyes. :) Part of that is taking pictures, and I'd like to get more consistent at that.
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20th-Apr-2008 06:16 pm (UTC)
You are too late, but I'll remember for next time. The balsamic vinegar in the dish really helped too. And I think I do bitter a lot more than I used to, too. :)
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