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So, today we got up too early, got packed up, and got checked out of the hotel. I saw [chair] and my friend E.'s presentation on their preliminary findings for their paired housing study for Greensboro (good presentation, interesting but depressing results), a proposal for a study on felony disenfrancisement laws (ditto), a study on housing that went over my head but in the end concluded that people who live in crappy neighborhoods are more likely to be depressed, and a presentation from a first year doctoral student who wanted to study how whites in rural counties avoided desegregated schools (nice idea, really bad variables and implementation). Sigh. My friend M's presentation on her thesis went well, and was followed in the same session by a guy who wanted to look at social interactions about MMORGS (nice idea, sweeping generalizations from someone who isn't a gamer, doesn't know much about gaming or gamers, and who used Asheron's Call for his study. Wheee.)

After that, we got in the car and got the hell out of Richmond. :) We ended up hitting joe-random family Mexican for lunch, and it was very tasty. I drove from 3 miles above the 85/95 join to the Alamance County line, at which point E. took over, because I (*gasp*) only drive 5 over the limit. She was good natured about it, but she did want to get home sooner than I was going to get us there. They dropped me and my stuff off. I had a bath and a wee nap (I wasn't going to sleep, because I want to sleep tonight, but I woke myself up snoring in the tub. Yea.) We're eatting twice baked potatoes and eggs for dinner, and soon, it will be bedtime. I have stories to tell, including the racist thing, but not tonight, since Zombie Joyce has reared her ugly head.
Tags: southerns:2008

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